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Caravan Air Conditioners


Read this before buying an RV air conditioner

RV AC units and ceiling assemblies will keep your RV cool and comfortable all summer long. Having cool air in your RV is almost a necessity when driving in warm climates. However, if you are also planning on travelling to explore colder places, then you do not need to worry: there are RV air conditioners with heaters too!

Finding the best RV air conditioner

Not all types of RVs are compatible with every type of air conditioner. We will present a few things to have in mind before you decide which RV air conditioner you want to buy for your vehicle.


Size matters!

The vehicle's length should influence the choice of your air conditioner, more powerful RV air conditioners are needed for larger RVs with more internal space. It is not uncommon that, in some vehicles, you need more than one air conditioning unit. Larger RVs (over 8 m) may need more than one air conditioning unit to cool the entire vehicle. The nominal capacity defines the cooling power of any RV air conditioner. This is most often expressed in BTU, a measurement of the cooling capacity of a potential air conditioner for your RV.

RV air conditioning - for your second home

For many, an RV is like a second home. Our goal is to make it feel like home whether you are camping in the desert, forest or in ice-cold Tasmania! Most RV air conditioners are rooftop air conditioners which are installed overhead. Make sure to install an RV air conditioner that's highly compatible with your specific RV model, for example, a rooftop air conditioner will to fit the shape of your RV's roof. If there is no room on your roof for an AC unit, or your roof is the wrong shape, an under bench air conditioner can be installed inside your vehicle.

Best in class RV air conditioner

Our RV air conditioners are best sellers internationally, in America, in Europe and Australia! All our RV air conditioners feature a clever design that is built to last – they have been tried and tested for reliability in harsh conditions! We are proud that our RV air conditioners are recognised as best in class thanks to their excellent cooling performance, energy efficiency and outstanding design.

Compact and lightweight RV air conditioner

Our European FreshJet air conditioners are compact and lightweight. This AC unit range is one of the smallest air conditioners on the market and is available for RVs from 5 m to over 8 m. These RV air conditioners are easy to install and can even be used in larger RVs as duo AC units to create separate climate zones!

Low profile RV air conditioner?

If you need a low-profile RV air conditioner you should look at our sleek and aerodynamically designed roof top air conditioners. If you want to buy one of the best RV air conditioners available on the market to avoid wind resistance: buy an RV air conditioner that has a slim and low profile.

RV air conditioning with heater?

Air conditioners can do more than just cool. A range of RV air conditioners have a heating function too! Since heat rises, we recommend an under-bench air conditioner, rather than a rooftop AC unit, for the best heating results.