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For keeping food and drink cool and fresh while on the road, Dometic refrigerators are reliable, efficient, and stylish. The internal layouts are well designed to maximise capacity. Available in a range of sizes and a choice of single or double doors, Dometic RV refrigerators are designed to suit a wide range of needs - all at an affordable price.

The best in their class, these Dometic air conditioners are best sellers in the Australian mobile living market. The systems in this range feature clever design and are built to thrive in the harshest Australian conditions. Tried, tested and proven, these models have become Australia's favourites through their excellent cooling performance, energy efficiency and outstanding design.

One of the challenges of cooking on the move is having enough room to do the job. Making the most of very little space is something our designers think about a lot. That’s why our hob and sink combinations with a glass lid are so popular. You lift the lid up when it’s time to cook or clean – and when the lid is lowered you have an extra surface for preparation. Smart design.

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Dometic has been manufacturing high-quality awnings for many years. That's why we can offer you a wide range of awnings for varying budgets and vehicle sizes. All models are lightweight, compact and easily fitted. And for maximum durability, our awning cloth is made of one piece - without seams.

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Anyone who likes a lot of daylight and fresh air in their motorhome or caravan has come to the right place. These classic 'lift-and-tilt' skylights have been installed innumerable times and are highly valued for their quality, durability and ease of use. All models come with snug-fitting roller blinds and fly screens.