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Dometic iceboxes feature an extremely effective insulation system. Fitted with ice packs or ice cubes, they can keep groceries, fish, bait, and wild game fresh for several days. The new facelift models of the popular series are even cooler. Practical accessories like seat cushions, fishing rod holders and bottle openers make them indispensable companions for fisherman.

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The CRX series of refrigerator is a veritable chameleon. It's a fridge, it's a fridge-freezer and it's a freezer. This patented invention is down to the removable freezer compartment and smart electronics that regulate the compressor speed, simultaneously saving energy. The freezer compartment can simply be pulled out to make a larger fridge or freezer and the desired temperature is manually set.

When standard units don't fit, all in one kits can be an alternative and this is made easy by the CU series of cooling units combined with the VD series. They come ready for connection to 12/24 V DC and are powerful, economical and superbly quiet in operation. The three evaporator types are specifically designed to match the performance of the compressor fitted.