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Camping Gear

If you have access to a power source, and you plan on being away for an extended period of time, we provide a range of high-performance powered portable fridge/freezers to meet your needs. Because they are compatible with almost all on-board or mains power supplies, you can use them anywhere in the world. And depending on where you will be staying, you can choose between three different cooling technologies: thermoelectrics, absorption or compressor.

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To ensure that you get maximum benefit from our portable fridge/freezers, we supply a broad selection of accessories and spare parts. These include insulated covers, fridge slides, fixing kits, AC mains adapters (for trouble-free connection to power sources), and voltage converters (for thermoelectric products).

You're in a remote location, at least an hour's drive from the nearest power source. You need to keep power to run your appliances. No problem. We provide a complete range of solutions to keep you connected and in control.

Dometic iceboxes feature an extremely effective insulation system. Once filled with ice, they can keep groceries, drinks, fish, and bait fresh for several days. The new facelift models of the popular Cool Ice series are even cooler. Practical accessories like seat cushions, fishing rod holders and bottle openers make them indispensable companions for beach-goers, fishermen, and other adventurers. The modular storage system, consisting of wire baskets and dividers, help to organise food and drink neatly.

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When on the move, people wish for the comforts of home and the 970 Series of portable toilets provide just that. The powerful touch-button flush technology sets this toilet range miles apart from its competitors as no pumping or batteries are required. They are available in two sizes with an adult-sized seat comfortable beyond words.

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