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Unreel Fishing Tips from Reel Adventures

November 16, 2018
Unreel Fishing Tips from Reel Adventures


AFL superstar Patrick Dangerfield and self-confessed fishing nut, Aaron Habgood, share their tips on fishing and boating. If you enjoy these tips, tune in to Reel Adventures’ weekly radio show and podcast.


  1. Catching fish is more about finding the food the fish will be feeding on, than it is about finding the fish themselves. For a successful fishing trip, it’s important to have the knowledge of the feeding habits of the fish and an understanding of how the ecosystem you’re fishing in functions.
  2. Thorough preparation prior to a fishing expedition is essential. Have a clear picture of what you want to target prior to the fishing trip and what you need to target that species, will give you more time to actually catch the one that won’t get away.
  3. Regular maintenance checks are essential for trouble-free boating. Unlike on land, there isn’t always someone to flag down out on the water. Check the boat and make sure everything is ready to go, the battery is charged, the boat has plenty of fuel, there is plenty of fresh water on board and bungs are in.
  4. When it comes to boating safety, too much is never enough. Ensure you have all the relevant safety gear on board; from life jackets and flairs to mobile phones. Also, know how to use your radio in case of an emergency.
  5. The next time you have that prized fish boat side, try backing off the drag. This means there is less line to absorb the strain if the fish kicks at the side of the boat, which the big ones often do. It will save you pulling the hooks on that monster fish.

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