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Travelling with a CamperTrailer

October 05, 2018
Travelling with a Camper Trailer



Based in Queensland, Patriot Campers specialises in camper trailers that have been engineered to handle the toughest offroad conditions. Since their debut in 2013, Patriot Campers has won multiple “Camper Trailer of the Year” awards for the Patriot Campers X1. Amongst other things, their success can be attributed to their extensive research and development which is sometimes undertaken on R&D trips to places like Cape York and the Kimberley.

Patriot Campers has now successfully launched Season One of ‘Patriot Games’, a TV show that sees Justin Montesalvo, owner of Patriot Campers, lead a hunting, fishing and R&D trip. With plenty of travel experience in extreme conditions, Justin provides some tips for travelling with a camper trailer.


  1. Although camper trailers are lighter in weight, it's still important not to load too much weight at the rear of the camper trailer as it will affect vehicle handling.
  2. Use a fully articulating hitch and coupling so that your trailer remains steady while driving through articulated terrains.
  3. Give your trailer a full service before any long trip. Make sure you check tyres, brakes and wheel bearings. It's also a good idea to pack spares!
  4. Obviously, taking enough water is a no-brainer. We take 155 l of water onboard that can be re-filled anytime throughout the trip.
  5. Managing food in the fridge is always challenging. We like to use the refrigerated food first and the frozen food last.
  6. Make sure you plot your journey before you leave, as this will make the trip more efficient and will save you from wasting diesel.
  7. If you’re travelling off-road, make sure your vehicle is fitted with radios that have a wide range and coverage. This will allow you to stay in contact with the convoy and within range of help.
  8. Night driving is sometimes unavoidable. So, having good quality driving lights will allow you to see more and avoid animals and obstacles.
  9. Have good quality bar work so that it not only protects your vehicle but also keeps your passengers safe and sound.
  10. Have a front and rear winch, as it will always come in handy when getting out of the soft stuff.


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