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Top Tips and Tricks for 4WDing

July 12, 2018
Top Tips and Tricks for 4WDing


The team at Pro Touring Concepts are extremely passionate about 4WDs. They’re able to tailor and customize fit-outs so that you can travel to remote locations in comfort and style. The team’s passion has also resulted in a subsidiary company called ‘Pro Touring TV’, where they dedicate their time to sharing videos online; showcasing the various destinations they’ve travelled to; show the building of their tourers; and share tips and tricks on setting up 4x4’s, boats and other things for your trips away. Here are some of the best tips and tricks that the Pro Touring TV Team has for hassle-free 4WDing.

  1. Having an awesome 12V setup should be your first priority. After all, who wants to rock up to the campsite with warm beer? A decent 12V system will allow you to charge and run appliances just like you would at home!

  2. Solar. Solar is free and easy to store. So, why not take the opportunity to use it? Gone are the days of whacking a house panel on the roof of your car to boost up the single lead-acid battery. Now you can buy them in blanket form and fold them up to the size of an A4 sheet of paper!

  3. What do we all need to keep our beer cold? A bloody good fridge! We’ve found that Dometic’s have been the most reliable chest fridges to take away on both long hauls and weekend trips - whether it be full of beer; water; food; frozen fish; you name it. We’ve only recently started using the CRX upright range in our 4WD’s, and man, why didn’t we start using these 10 years ago?

  4. Having a good set of tyres to get you there is pretty important too. You need to choose a set of tyres that’s fit for purpose. If chosen incorrectly, sometimes those tyres can affect the handling and performance of your 4WD. You’ll want something with 3-4 ply sidewall strength to help prevent those sidewall punctures. Getting the pressure right is also very important; it’s the difference between getting through or not.

  5. Carry a lot of spare straps - from small roof tie-downs to 500 kg rated ratchet straps. You just never know. And believe me, they’ll all be needed in one way or another.

  6. Tools! Please remember to pack the essential hand tools - hammers (rubber mallet for sand pegs), screw drivers, pliers, socket sets and spanners. Don’t forget the impact driver for wheel nuts and perhaps the most important of all: cable ties!

  7. If you're planning on doing a few water crossings, try and find the position of your alternator. Alternators don’t like too much water and mud getting into the coil windings. You can purchase fully sealed water-cooled units to fix this issue indefinitely or just take an OEM replacement.

  8. An extensive first-aid kit is definitely something you’ll want to keep on hand. Ensure there’s more than just your run-of-the-mill Band-Aids and plaster tapes. Antiseptic creams, tweezers, pain killers and high-quality bandages are all must haves for serious 4WDers.

  9. Having a high-quality and easy-to-use tyre deflator in the door panel is a must-have. But remember, once you’ve finished on the beach for the day you’ll need to pump them back up, so a fast-flowing air compressor is important too.

  10. Keep a bucket of fresh water just outside your tent to dip your feet in before bed. It’s a godsend!


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