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The Latest Innovations

October 26, 2018
The Latest Innovations


Dometic, the world’s largest supplier to the RV industry is pleased to introduce some of its new products for 2018. See what Dometic has to offer over the next few months so that it can satisfy your essential needs on the journey.

CFF 45

Dometic’s latest addition to the portable refrigerator range comes with a stylish, modern design and is complemented by an efficient interior storage layout that will suit all types of outdoor enthusiasts. The generous insulation built into the Dometic CFF 45 ensures excellent cooling performance and provides a great option as an upgrade to the CF series.


  • 43.5 l of storage for convenient cooling
  • Energy efficient design provides fast and excellent cooling and freezing, even in extremely high ambient temperatures
  • Double-sided opening lid

CF 11

Dometic introduces an ultra-compact unit that has enough storage space for road trips and other day-long adventures. The combined lightweight compressor technology with super-slim design results in the ultimate travel-buddy for almost any adventurer.


  • Storage volume of 10.5 l
  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing
  • Comes with shoulder strap for easy transport

RUA 6408X AND RUC 6408X

The Dometic RUA and RUC refrigerators provide the reliable refrigeration performance that the RV market has come to expect from Dometic refrigerators. The T-rated cooling system ensures excellent performance in both high and low ambient temperatures, making the RUC refrigerators an excellent choice for all conditions.


  • Generous storage capacity of 180 l
  • Narrow cabinet design with slim footprint
  • RUA 6408X is able to switch between Manual (MES) and Automatic (AES) Energy Select, while the RUC 6408X has AES


The Dometic IBIS 4 sets a new standard for air conditioning in the mobile living market thanks to several refinements made from the acclaimed IBIS 3. It features a powerful dual-cylinder horizontal compressor, which is more balanced and reduces the level of vibration. In addition to this, the quiet environment that the IBIS 3 achieved has been maintained.


  • Excellent cooling capacity of 2.6 kW (to ISO5151)
  • Low fan noise to create a pleasing environment
  • Adjustable vents for even air distribution

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