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Tech Support - May 2019

May 03, 2019
Tech Support - May 2019

We understand that using a new product can often be daunting and encountering an issue with your product can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve answered some commonly asked questions that we’ve heard from you. If you have any other questions that you would like answered, please send them to

How many hours will my RAPS44 last for?

The duration will depend on the power consumption of the connected load. For example, if the average current consumption of a load per hour is 4 Ah/h, and the recommended depth of discharge (DoD) percentage for AGM batteries is 50%, your RAPS44 will last around 5 hours. You can prolong the runtime of the connected load by having your batteries discharge to 30% DoD, however, this will affect the output voltage and lifetime of the battery pack.

Can I use the RAPS44 to charge my car battery?

The RAPS44 is a deep cycle battery pack comprised of two sets of 22 Ah AGM battery cells, to power appliances like compressor fridges and small inverters. It is not designed to jumpstart or charge starter batteries.


What should I take into consideration when purchasing a solar panel?

Below are things you should look at when choosing a solar panel:

  • The maximum power rating and maximum current rating on the data label.

  • If the solar panel is portable, check that the solar charger is built into the panel to ensure your solar panel will safely charge your battery. Also, check that there are adjustable legs, so you can angle the solar panel towards the sun.

  • Check the cable thickness and quality of the connectors. Anderson connectors are the most reliable and heavy duty for caravan and camping applications. They’re strong and provide a tight connection with minimum voltage drop.

  • Ensure the bypass diode is integrated into the junction box. This will allow your solar panel to achieve maximum performance even if the solar panel is partially shaded.

  • Look for positive output power tolerance so you can achieve the maximum output power of your solar kit.


How do I choose an air conditioner that suits the size of my RV? Will I need two units?

Choosing an air conditioner to suit your needs not only depends on the size and construction of your RV, but also the locations of where you will be travelling to. To assist you in selecting the right air conditioner, read through the RV air conditioner buying guide.

How do I best clean the inside of my refrigerator?

To clean the inside of your refrigerator, use a soft cloth and mild solution of liquid washing up detergent.

Why do I have to ensure my CFX is set up in a well-ventilated location?

When a CFX is not properly ventilated, the unit can overheat and result in higher power consumption leading to poor performance and efficiency. It’s also recommended to regularly clean the air inlet and outlet vents so that it is free from dust to prevent blockages.


What is the best way and most appropriate way to roll out my box awning?

In order to roll out your box awning safely, have another person assist with the following steps:

  1. Have one person wind out approximately one metre of your box awning.

  2. Pull the legs of the awning down to ensure the awning is supported during this process. This will prevent any damage in case of wind.

  3. One person should hold the middle of the awning and walk the remainder of the awning out, while the other person winds out the box awning.


When should I secure my awning legs?

For security, we recommend securing the awning legs down at all times when in use for stability purposes. You can either secure the legs to the ground using tent pegs or to the van with the brackets provided.