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Simple Tips for Product Maintenance

May 22, 2019
Simple Tips for Product Maintenance

It has been well documented that prevention is better than cure, so, here are a few preventative tips to help avoid those last-minute, panic situations that occur moments before you head off for your holiday!

Upright Fridges

When your caravan fridge is not in use, it’s a good idea to wipe out the interior, dry it, and to then leave the door partially open when the caravan is in storage. Failure to do so can result in deterioration, a build-up of mould, and the potential for maggots to appear if there is any left-over food.



When you park and crank the antenna up, it ’s obviously important to remember to wind it back down again before you leave. You would be surprised how many people end up breaking their antenna off.

Air Conditioners

Remember to inspect, and if necessary, change your air conditioner filters at least twice a year. Over time, filters can clog up, and if this happens then the air conditioner will not operate as well as it could, and in some cases, it can begin to emit odours into the room.

Solar Panels

In order to utilise the maximum efficiency of your solar panels, remember to wipe the panels down with water and dishwashing liquid once or twice a year. Failure to do so could result in a build-up of bugs, dust, and tree sap, making them much more difficult to clean, and the solar panel can become much less effective when drawing energy from the sun.


Portable Compressor Fridges

It is highly recommended to empty your portable compressor fridge and bring it down to your desired temperature 24 to 48 hours before departure. Once the fridge has cooled, it’s best to put already cold food and drinks into the fridge as they will act as cooling agents, reducing energy consumption and helping maintain internal temperatures efficiently, allowing you to utilise the maximum cooling potential of the unit.



It is advised to clean your awnings with warm, soapy water in order to prevent mould and/ or mildew from building up. Once washed, leave the awning fully extended and ensure the awning is retracted only when the fabric is completely dry. If you roll the awning up wet, it will be covered in mould the next time you go to use it.


And finally, whilst it may not be relating to a specific product category, a general clean of the interior and exterior of your vehicle provides just as important maintenance as any of the tips we’ve provided.

Giving a thorough clean of the RV after every use helps prevent decaying and rust – something that can add years onto the look, as well as general wear and tear, of your vehicle.