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On the Road with Travel Photographer Sean Scott

June 14, 2018
On the Road with Travel Photographer Sean Scott


What type of camping do you like to do and where?

I have always loved camping and have had caravans and camper trailers for the last 20 years. I love nothing more than discovering new places and it’s the explorations with my family that inspire my photography.

What is your favourite destination and why?

Currently, I am in love with exploring Western Australia. With such a huge state and some very isolated locations, it’s the perfect destination to get out and explore. This year, I did a lot of work with Indigenous Tourism Operators in very remote locations in Outback Western Australia. It was a very unique experience and so rewarding getting to photograph and work with the traditional owners. It’s something I am very passionate about and hope to do more in the future. I even had my family join me for some of these trips and they are experiences money can’t buy. We have camped out in swags and caught mud crabs by hand to then cook them up on open fires with our guides. My kids have learnt so much about the land and it’s something I would love to see more Australians doing.

“they are experiences money can’t buy”


Where would you like to go and why?

There are so many places around Australia I have just found and only spent a night or two at that I would love to revisit. Cape Le Grand National Park is one of the locations and the Kimberly is a whole other world with so much yet to explore. It really is just a matter of getting out there and hitting the open road – adventures seem to pop out at you everywhere!

“adventures seem to pop out at you everywhere!”

Best tip or advice for when on the road?

Best tip would be to try and just follow your nose. I don’t like to have too many plans as things can change and it’s great if you can be flexible to stay in places longer if you’d like to. Obviously, if you’re in busy locations in busy times of the year, some forward planning is necessary. It’s also important to be prepared for the places you’re visiting as some outback locations are a long way from help.


What product makes life easier for you when you’re away from home?

I love my Dometic Waeco CFX fridges as they're always with me and gives me that little bit of luxury when I am in some pretty harsh locations.

“I love my Dometic Waeco CFX fridges”

Best or ‘go-to’ recipe you have when living mobile?

Beef soft tacos cooked on an open fire and grill. It's really easy to prepare and great for the family to sit around and make.

What are your plans for the rest of the year (2018)?

At this stage, I have road trips planned to go back over to WA in June and July. I road trip down to Crescent Head in NSW in April and a Queensland road trip in May. September school holidays will have us back in Yangir National Park in NSW and I am still planning where to go in Easter. I will also be doing road trips in between my main family holidays.

Other than photography, what else do you love doing?

I love to fish, surf and just be a dad to my beautiful family.


Is there a Dometic product that has “knocked your socks off” and if so, why?

I have just built a brand new off road caravan full of Dometic products. I have the RPD218 fridge, Harrier air conditioner, Seitz Dlux windows, Saneo toilet and the Dometic 8300 awning. Basically, everything that Dometic makes for caravans is in this van and it looks incredible. Apart from that, I use the Dometic Waeco CFX 50W in my land cruiser for a mobile fridge when I am out and about and I absolutely love it.

I suppose the CFX fridges are my favourite. It has taken me a long time to get a fridge as I always used to just use an icebox and ice. But now I always have an ice-cold fridge in my car and it has opened my eyes to just how handy it is. It has now made so many of my trips that little bit more luxurious and has enabled me to set up incredible picnics in awesome locations. I have sat in salt water pools at sunset eating fresh oysters and ice-cold white wine with my wife and I am now always planning little gourmet picnics on all my adventures thanks to my CFX.

“…now I always have an ice-cold fridge in my car and it has opened my eyes to just how handy it is.”


Have you recently embarked on an adventure that you would like to share with all of us?

My last trip to Red Bluff in Western Australia was pretty incredible. It was over 100km of unsealed road out to where the desert meets the Indian Ocean. Upon arrival at the desert campground, I looked out to the turquoise waters and could see a bait ball the size of two football fields.

Looking closer, I could see huge sharks feeding on the bait ball just meters from the shore. The terrain was very rough with tight turns and rocky off road tracks that were hard to access and I was rushing to try and set up camp. I finally made it into a spot and just grabbed the camera and drone so I could try to capture what I was seeing. For the next four hours, my family and I were in awe as we watched and photographed over 300 huge sharks feeding right in front of us. The drone footage I got went viral all over the world and I was even interviewed for national television for what I was able to capture.

After finally setting up camp, we got to spend three nights out there watching the wildlife and huge perfect waves breaking across this desert surf location. We caught fish and squid and cooked it all up on the open fire and it would have to be the most memorable camping location to date. No wonder that this place is high on the list again for 2018!

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