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Mobile Living with Patrick Dangerfield

May 01, 2019
Mobile Living with Patrick Dangerfield

One of Australia’s most popular AFL superstars will be showcasing a part of his personal life to the nation. Set to air in early May, Mobile Living with Patrick Dangerfield is a TV show that not only captures the essence of the caravanning lifestyle in Australia but also focuses on how Patrick disconnects from his hectic everyday life and reconnects with his family.

12 Apostles by Cameron Damon Media

The host, Patrick Dangerfield, will give you a sneak peek into his private life and how he and his family spend time together when exploring the best of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. The show will not only capture Patrick as a person outside of his AFL career, but also integrate the many adventure activities which Patrick enjoys doing. This combination will unveil the great times that can be had while caravanning.

Johanna Beach Family Avida Motorhome by Cameron Damon Media

The first two episodes of Mobile Living with Patrick Dangerfield will be airing on May 4th and May 11th at 5:30 PM on Channel 7 (Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth) and 7Prime regionally and available on 7Plus after these dates.

The program will also have an encore aired nationally on 7Two, check your local guides for details.

Make sure you watch the first episode on May 4th and get a glimpse into the life of Patrick Dangerfield, accompanied by his wife Mardi and son, George.

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