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Living off the Grid

August 16, 2018
Living off the Grid


Some of the best places to visit in Australia are in isolated destinations, as they offer you spectacular views that are often unspoilt. Despite offering beautiful views, places such as Cape York in Far North Queensland or Coober Pedy in South Australia also come with the lack of power source.

However, don’t let this stop you from going on your next outback adventure. There are plenty of portable power options out in the market that will allow you to explore every corner of Australia without having to skimp out on household luxuries. Below are just a few products that are available.

Solar Panels - PS120A

When you’re far from a power source, a great way to keep your appliances running longer without draining your battery is with a solar panel. The Dometic PS120A solar panel will continuously recharge your battery so that it can power your appliances for long periods of time. This high performing solar panel provides 120 W of power, and is packaged with a 10 A regulator, Anderson plug, alligator clips and a convenient carry bag. The PS120A comes ready to use and is compact and portable, making it travel friendly.


For more information on the Dometic PS120A solar panel, click here.

Inverters - MSI 412

If you like to enjoy simple luxuries such as TVs and air conditioners while you travel in remote locations that have minimal electric power, then an inverter is the way to go. The Dometic MSI 412 allows this by turning 12V battery power into pure 230V AC voltage, like that of a home power socket. You will be able to use highly sensitive products such as electric toothbrushes and laptops all thanks to it’s high output rating.


For more information on the Dometic MSI 412 inverter, click here.

Batteries - RAPS44

Battery packs are a great portable power source when going away on short camping trips. The Dometic RAPS44 is a heavy-duty 12V battery that has discharge and charging cycle capabilities. Not only does it have the benefits of a dual battery system that is often fitted in your 4WD or boat, it also has the added value of being extremely convenient and flexible as it’s portable. Thus, you can take your battery pack with you anywhere or you can fit it permanently into your vehicle. The RAPS44 is ideal for running portable compressor fridge or freezers for a long period of time.


For more information on the Dometic RAPS44 battery, click here.

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