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Fishing Techniques

December 24, 2018

Improve your Catch Rate

Fishing for different species of fish in different parts of the country requires a range of different fishing techniques. Working out which one to use in a specific area includes a bit of research from places like magazines, websites, and perhaps the best source of information; talking to a local tackle store or a fishing guide in the local area.


Each species of fish in our ecosystem feeds differently at different times of the year, with changes to the water temperature being one of the biggest factors on fish feeding behaviour.

Certain species of fish live and feed in different parts of the water column. For example, a flathead will do most of its feeding right near the sea floor, so putting your lure or bait in its strike zone is a must. This differs greatly to a blue fin tuna which will do a lot of its feeding near the surface of the Continental Shelf of Australia, following bait and currents.


Below are some tips for catching some different species of fish that can be found in Australia.


Where? Estuaries, rivers and bays

When? Warmer parts of the year, but check your local guides for rules and regulations on targeting them,

Rods/Reels? 2,500 spin reel with a 2 to 6 lb rod

Baits? Pilchard and squid

Lure? Soft plastics with a nice wiggly tail works a treat in most brands



Where? Continental shelf and some inshore areas (if the bait is there, as they need to eat 1/3 of their body weight a day)

When? Varies on different areas, but Victoria and New South Wales through the winter months, with a few showing up in later months

Rods/Reels? Tiagra 50W with a 24 kg rod for big tuna and a 10,000 size reel on a 40 to 60 lb spin rod for smaller models

Baits? Pilchards and any live bait they are feeding on

Lure? Skirted lures and deep divers


Where? Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay, as well as nearly all offshore reeds surrounding the coast of Australia

When? November to April in the bays and offshore nearly all year round

Rods/Reels? 5,000 size reel on a 15 to 25 lb rod

Baits? Pilchards, squid silver whiting and live baits

Lure? Micro jigs as well as minnow based soft plastics


King George Whiting

Where? Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay, as well as offshore reefs from South Australia into Victoria

When? All year round

Rods/Reels? 2,500 spin reel with a 2 to 6 lb rod

Baits? Pippi, mussel and squid

Lure? Worm based soft plastics


Gummy Sharks

Where? Oceans and bays

When? All year round

Rods/Reels? 6,000 size reel with a 20 to 30lb rod

Baits? Salmon, squid, pike or anything nice and smelly

Lure? Never landed one on a lure before