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Dometic PLB40 FAQs

January 21, 2019

Whether you own a Dometic PLB40 or are looking to buy, this FAQ gives you all the information you need to know. From battery cell technology to specific charging scenarios, you'll be ready to hit the road with your Dometic PLB40 portable lithium battery pack after reading this comprehensive guide.


The Dometic PLB40 (Portable Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 40 Ah) is the solution for a weekend of untethered power. This video will guide you through the set up and provide full utilization of everything the PLB40 has to offer.

How can the PLB40 eliminate a dual battery system?

You can charge the PLB40 from your vehicle’s 12 V socket while powering a CFX or powered cooler. Plus, you can remove your PLB40 from your vehicle to power your portable fridge/freezer wherever you go, whether it be a campsite, the beach, or BBQ.

What advantages does lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) have over other battery chemistries?

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have very low self-discharge rate and a stable output voltage at 12 V. LiFePo4 batteries can deliver much higher energy density in comparison to other chemistries. They’re safe batteries and suitable to work in harsh ambient temperatures. With the built-in BMS, they are self-protected against overcharge, deep discharge, and over/under temperature situation. It also allows up to 2000 discharge cycles at an 80% depth of discharge. In terms of weight, they are lighter than other chemistries which make them more suitable for portable applications.

Can I charge the PLB40 and run a CFX at the same time?

Yes. The PLB40 has been designed to be able to charge and power a CFX at the same time.


Can I charge the PLB40 from my cigarette lighter socket in my vehicle?

Yes. The PLB40 is integrated with an 8 A smart DC-DC charger. This will allow charging via a 12 V DC socket in the vehicle, unlike other leading lithium batteries.

How large an inverter can I use with the PLB40?

150 W Inverter.

How many charge cycles can I get with the PLB40?

The Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry is rated to provide up to 2,000 charge cycles at an 80% depth of discharge, compared to other lithium-ion batteries at only 500 cycles.


What Dometic solar panels are compatible with the PLB40?

We have tested the Dometic PS120A, PS180A and PSB150.

How do extreme high and low temperatures affect the operation?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries can operate in a wide temperature range. The safe boundary to charge the battery is from 0C to +45C, and to discharge the battery is from 10C to +55C.

Do I need a solar regulator when using a solar panel to charge?

The battery pack is already integrated with a smart DC-DC charger, therefore the PLB40 can be connected directly to a solar panel without the need for a regulator. Keep in the mind that the maximum voltage for a solar panel should not exceed 25 V DC and that the current should be limited to 8 A DC.

Can I jump start or charge my vehicle battery with the PLB40?

No. The PLB40 is not recommended for use as a jump-starting device. It can provide output to a battery source via the 12 V output though, with a max current of 15 amps.

Is the cell replaceable?


Can the PLB40 be daisy chained to another battery?


What type of fuse does this use?

20A 3AG glass slow-blow fuse.

What is the best way to store the PLB40?

It should be stored fully charged and recharged every 6 months. The discharge rate is approximately 3-5% per month.


How long will my CFX run on the PLB40?

Please consult for CFX energy consumption, and then divide the PLB40 battery capacity (40Ah) by the CFX energy consumption (Ah) to get the number of hours of run time. Keep the portable fridge/freezer fully packed, and the lid closed as much as possible. You should also provide proper space around ventilation holes.

What is the warranty of the PLB40?

2 years.

The maximum output current of the adapter is up to 10 A, while the maximum input current of PLB40 is 8 A. Is that ok?

The PLB40 has integrated a DC-DC charger which can limit the input current to 8 A. So, everything would be fine.