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Cook without Compromise

November 09, 2018
Cook without Compromise


Get the most out of your CFX

Off-roading allows adventurers to explore the great outdoors across all kinds of surfaces, from mud and gravel to sand and riverbeds. Off-road 4WDing ranges in levels of intensity; from leisure drivers to professional thrill seeking. For some, it provides an escape from the 9-5 rat race, but for others, it’s a chance to explore the nature whilst enjoying the rush of adrenaline when encountering an unforeseen challenge.

In America, off-roading isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life. It’s about living freely and mobile - having no restrictions on where you can go or how long you can go for. But regardless of the level of professionalism, there’s one thing that everyone has in common; the need for a hearty home-cooked meal.

Find out how owning a CFX has changed the way in which Andy Best (Adventure Photographer) travels.

The Dometic CFX provides first-class cooling performance wherever you go. Perfect for carrying your kitchen with you and creating gourmet meals from the heart for the family when living mobile. You have the flexibility to use the CFX either as a portable fridge or freezer, allowing you to keep meats, dairy, drinks and even ice cream at suitable temperatures. This way, you no longer have to settle for a sausage in bread for dinner.

With a CFX you can not only cook but create some of your favorite home-cooked dishes. Catering for different needs, the CFX series varies in size from 26 l to 94.5 l. So whether you’re travelling solo or you’re sharing the journey with others, you’ll be able to keep your groceries fresh and be able to create all your favourite home-cooked meals.


Using ice is not always the best option when you’re hundreds of kilometres away from civilization. If you’re planning on travelling to remote locations, it’s the combination of reliability, convenience, and practicality of the CFX that will allow you to live off the grid for days on end.

So, whether you’re enjoying a couple of beers with the CFX 28 or using the CFX 95DZW to cook up an Angus and green chili in New Mexico, the CFX series promises that you’ll never have to go without. Boasting an impressive high-performance compressor and extra strong insulation, you’ll be able to travel with fresh food and drinks throughout your entire trip.

Find out why Jake Quiñones (Adventure Guide) uses a CFX when travelling.

Find out more about the Dometic CFX range and see what sizes are available to suit your needs.

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