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CFX Buyer's Guide

January 07, 2019

CFX Buyer's Guide

Find your perfect CFX


Specifically designed to fit all kinds of vehicles, the CFX Series of portable compressor fridges and/or freezers is the result of many years of research and product development. We’ve listened to your feedback and have developed a fridge that is tough enough to endure the harshest Australian environments. We know if it will perform there, it will perform anywhere and in any situation.

CFX compressor fridge/freezers provide extreme cooling performance and energy efficiency even on the hottest days. All seven models have optimised internal capacities, combined with substantial insulation thickness all round - lid, sides and bottom. They are equipped with rugged features like strong latches, hinges, drop down handles, and innovative technology such as the genuine Waeco compressor and upgraded VMSO (Variable Motor Speed Optimisation). Added features such as a USB charging port, 12/24 V DC and 110-230 V AC operation and integrated battery protection along with controlling and monitoring the temperature via a WiFi app result in Australia’s favourite portable fridge.


What size should your CFX be? When choosing a model, you should consider the following:

How much storage space do you have available in your vehicle?

How many people will be dependent on the CFX during your trip?

Taking into consideration the duration of your trip, choose a literage that’s appropriate for the size of your group. Below is a size guide that can assist you in choosing a size.

CFX 28

Storage Volume: 26 l

Ideal for storing food and drinks for... A single person for a day


Storage Volume: 32 l

Ideal for storing food and drinks for... A couple going on an overnight trip


Storage Volume: 38 l

Ideal for storing food and drinks for... A family of three on a long weekend away


Storage Volume: 46 l

Ideal for storing food and drinks for... A family of four on a long weekend away


Storage Volume: 60 l

Ideal for storing food and drinks for... A family of four on a week-long trip away


Storage Volume: 70 l

Ideal for storing food and drinks for... A family of five on a week-long trip away*


Storage Volume: 85 l

Ideal for storing food and drinks for... A family of five on a trip longer than a week*

*Use of vacuum sealed food packs are assumed for optimised storage capacity


How long will you be completely independent from the shops?

When travelling for long periods, the deep-freeze function will be of benefit as it will be able to extend the life of your food. Allowing you to be independent for longer.

TIP: You can keep your food fresher and fit more in your CFX when you use a vacuum sealer. It will keep your food in an airtight seal and help increase storage space.

As the sizes increase, the energy required to run the unit increases as well. It’s important to consider your power setup – will it be able to sustain the energy consumption of your CFX?

CFX 28

Power Consumption*: 0.75 Ah/h


Power Consumption*: 0.77 Ah/h


Power Consumption*: 0.74 Ah/h


Power Consumption*: 0.77 Ah/h


Power Consumption*: 0.85 Ah/h


Power Consumption*: 2.9 Ah/h


Power Consumption*: 3.6 Ah/h

*Power consumption is measured at 12 V, interior temperature of 5○C and ambient temperature of 32○C.


For added convenience, the CFX-W models gives you the option of controlling and monitoring the cooling temperature via the WiFi app. This allows you to achieve an exact pre-set temperature. This feature is available for all models except for CFX 28.

Do you want to have the option to refrigerate and freeze simultaneously?

The CFX 75DZW and CFX 95DZW have two independent cooling zones. This gives you the ability to use one zone to refrigerate at the same time as using the second zone for freezing.