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Important information regarding following models not for sale in NSW:
TCX 14 Portable thermoelectric cooler, 14L
TCX 21 Portable thermoelectric cooler, 21L
CF 11 Portable compressor fridge/freezer, 11L

Due to differences in legislation between NSW and the rest of Australia, the above-mentioned portable refrigeration models are no longer permitted to be sold in NSW as they are not certified to the latest Refrigerator Electrical Safety Standard Amendment 2 (A2). More info on what ‘A2’ means can be found on the EESS website.

Why is only NSW affected?
NSW is the only state in Australia where the regulator has declined to join the national Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) which seeks to unify electrical equipment compliance requirements nationally. An impact of this different legislation approach is that whilst non-A2 certified models certified prior to Oct 2018 may continue to be sold until their current certification expiry date in all other states & territories, they cannot be sold in NSW after 31 Jan 2021.

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